RSS HQ visit exposes Scindia to the core

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Jyotiraditya Scindia’s entrance in the Sangh office in Nagpur proved that he is ‘zero’ from an ideological point of view and can go to any extent for vested interests. This may negatively effect his supporters during the by-elections.

Pankaj Mukati (Political Expert)

Jyotiraditya Scindia seemed to have conducted one of the major blunders in his life by visiting the Rashtriya Swayam Sewak Sangh office situated in Nagpur. It is to be noted that changing party something that is ‘okay’ in politics, but visiting Sangh office does not seemed to be ideologically right for the ‘Maharaj’.

Maharaj would have fallen in his own eyes, as visiting the Sangh office means sacrificing individual ideology for Sangh’s…just for the sake of political gains.

This proves that Scindia is deprived on an ideology that is his own and seems to be a man without stance in the political playfield.

While leaving Congress and joining BJP may be termed as changing of clothes, compromising with ideology and accepting Sangh’s stance can be compared to walking without clothes.

He did not even think of the mark that his father late Madhav Rao Scindia had left as a Sangh-leaver.

Late Madhav Rao Scindia fought his first elections under the banner of the Sangh and never looked back at the outfit. He kept himself glued to Congress despite many differences. Congress as a political party always found him to be true to the political ideology of the party.

Late Madhavrao Scindia left Congress in 1996, and formed Madhya Pradesh Vikas but kept himself glued to the ideological turf that he had developed after leaving Jan Sangh, as mentioned above.

His aura was such that BJP did not even dare to place a candidate in front of him.

He became a Congress MP in the year 1999. And his dedication towards Congress is one of the reasons why his name is still taken with utmost respect in the political circles.

Jyotiraditya lost the opportunity to carve a similar niche. He will always be looked upon as opportunistic.

Why is Jyotiraditya taking weak and wrong decisions? He is the same ‘Maharaj’ who forced BJP and Congress to run a campaign against him. It is to be noted that Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan and Sangh had been accrediting the Scindia family of betrayal in the 1857 revolution and had been defaming him for years. Has he forgotten all the insults?

Scindia now seems to be a mere pawn in the political game of chess that is well played by BJP as of now.

The step denotes that Scindia is a leader with a weak and hollow personality. Had he been a strong man, he would have been refining Congress as a party.

While the ‘black spot’ of 1857 betryal was washed by Scindia’s grandmother by working with utmost dedication for the public, Jyotiraditya has re‘strained’ himself with stances that were not expected of him.

The intent of the write up is not to judge whether Sangh is good or bad. Sangh is an ideological organization and Jyotiraditya has been speaking against it for the most of his political career. How will he be able to see eye to eye with his political friends, rivals and most importantly ‘the praja’ or the people?

Only time can tell how many people connected to Sangh will vote for Scindia and his supporters.

Will Sangh, an organization that does not consider individual or even the nation in front of its ideologies, treat Scindia well for walking down to its head office?

Probably not! Scindia has posed difficulties for 22 of the MLA that supported him. He has angered a big faction of those, who were Scindia loyalists, but not Sangh followers

The affect of the same can be seen in the upcoming by-elections. Had Scindia not visited the Sangh office, nothing much would have happened to his stature.

Cardamom…may be forgotten by the people in the political arena by now. There was a leader known as Rafi Ahmed Kidwai. He had a law degree, but never worked as a lawyer. He was a resident of Barabanki in Uttar Pradesh. He had a hut made of mud in his ancestral village.His wife and kids returned to this place after his demise. Even after being a Central minister, he did not have any assets or a house in New Delhi.  He was just a name in the long list of leaders who followed the same ideals.

Then… why well to do people compromise with their ideologies for vested interests and portray themselves as the deprived ones.

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