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A six month old baby girl defeated the corona virus in badly affected Indore 

INDORE. A 6 month old baby girl ‘Ashmayra’, defeated the battle with Corona virus and reached her home. She was fighting with COVID since 18 days. Her father lost his life due to the virus’ infection but this little girlfought and won at last.

The photo shows the girl, when she came outside the hospital. On Monday, Ashmayra and his mother got discharged from hospital and maternal uncle of baby reached outside the
Aurbindo Hospital of the city to receive and welcome them. The eyes were full of tears and happiness was sparkled all around at the time.
The Indore which is in red zone is being better with the time. 106 Corona patients got discharged on Monday after being recovered. Daily some of the patients are being discharged and this is now a ray of hope that soon Indore will be in green zone. The recovery rate in Indore is increasing day by day. Death rate is also decreased by a big number in the city.

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