Shivraj’s ‘Jamat’ of COVID-19

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Ministers led by Shivraj Singh Chouhan have been risking the lives of the public where the ministers have been breaking the social distancing norms to fulfill their political objectives.

Pankaj Mukati  (Political Analyst)

Careless, irresponsible and risky for lives of the public seem to be the right term when it comes to the ministers of the Shivraj government.

It seems that the Madhya Pradesh government has taken the responsibilities of propogating the disease on its head. Shivraj Ministers are constantly been affected by Corona—but none of them is ready to improve.

Leaders, ministers and their supporters have been gathering in a daily basis for different political activities. The display of power of both Shivraj and Scindia supporters.

All of them have been risking the lives of the public. It is to be noted that most of the ministers and Sangh members of the country who have been infected are now risking the lives of public.

Ujjain’s MLA and Higher Education Minister Mohan Yadav has been effected by the virus on Monday. On Monday Yadav was enaged with Jyotiraditya Scindia with regards to Mahakaal

The procession witnessed participation of senior BJP leader Uma Bharti, Minister Kamal Patel, Tulsi Silawat and many workers without maintaining the social distancing norms in the ‘Pooja’.

The want of getting clicked with political big shots can prove to be unhealthy for the public.

Yadav was a part of the procession even when his confidant was believed to be Corona Positive.

It is believed that Mohan Yadav got infected after he arranged an event for feting Scindia and came in touch with an office holder of Deendayal Mandal.

After this BJP MP Anil Firojia, City President Vivek Joshi, Vice President Amit Srivastav and more than 200 BJP workers were home isolated. But Mohan Yadav kept accompanying Scindia for all this while.

Silawat’s sin forgiven?

Jyotiraditya Scindia’s prime confidant Tulsi Silawat seems to be leading the act. He was not isolated even when Chief Minster’s report came positive. He was seen at a meeting at the BJP office the very next day.

While replying to the questions of the journalists he said,” BJP office is my home and I am home isolated’. Reports confirmed that he was Corona positive. But the was seen going to the airport to receive Scindia. He was with Scindia for the whole day. He also accompanied Scindia on the dinner table Sumitra Mahajan and Kailash Vijayvargeya

CM leads the pack

It is not the Chief Minister who is leading the pack. Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan works in a similar manner. He was active even when he was diagnosed as Covid positive. People kept coming to meet him. A corona positive patient also tied Rakhi to Chouhan. Who gave the Chief Minister the rights to do so?

Uma Bharti and Kamal Patel too risked themselves while being with Mohan Yadav. Thousands of political workers from Indore could have been infected due to this.

Here is a list of ministers who have been infected:

Shivraj Singh Chouhan (Chief Minister)

Jyotiraditya Scindia ( Rajya Sabha MP)

Arvind Bhadouriya ( Minister)

Tulsi Silawat (Minister)

Mohan Yadav ( Minister)

Vishwas Sarang ( Minister)

Om Prakash Saklecha ( Minister)

Ramkhelawan Patel ( Minister)

Mahendra Sisodiya ( Minister)

Hir Singh Rajput ( Brother of Govind Singh Rajput)

VD Sharma ( Madhya Pradesh BJP President)

Suhas Bhagat ( Joint General Secretary)

Ashutosh Tiwari ( Asst Joint General Secretary)

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